In Antarctica, many travellers take part in the Polar Plunge...

Visitors to the frozen continent often face off mother nature by taking a ‘dip’ in the ocean. The loons!

So now, as part of his Antartica trip in 2019 (sponsored by Chimu Adventures), Bumble wants to take the plunge, too!

Mum isn’t so keen… Who wants to see their baby freezing and shivering?! “He’s already done so much” she says.

In the end, they came to an agreement... Let the donors decide!

That’s right. YOU get to choose whether Bumble will take the plunge or not!

Whichever side raises the most money for charity between now and his trip will seal his fate, with money raised going to the P365 Cancer Research Scholarship and P365 Kindness Cruises, helping beat cancer once and for all and provide rest and respite for sufferers and their families.

What do you think? Should he jump, or not? Donate below to have your say!

Sponsor a Plunger to help us reach our fundraising goal!

So far, we have raised A$832.09 toward our goal of A$250,000!

Joining Bumble on his Chimu Adventure and want to take part in the Polar Plunge?

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Bumble’s Polar Plunge