Bumble Bee


Bear Recipient: Ailish

My name is Ailish and I’m 17 years old from Tasmania. In 2015 I was diagnosed with the cruel disease of anorexia nervosa. I was admitted to hospital on the 23rd of December, just two days shy of Christmas.

I was kept on strict bed rest with no visitors allowed except for my parents. It was a lonely and hard time for me and I was scared, having not been in hospital before.

On Christmas morning, presents were left on our beds, and I thought that was just amazing. The hospital staff tried to give us a celebration away from home, and I thought that was really special. We had visits from baby wombats at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary as well.

It felt as though it was all over after that. Then it was back to the same normal routine of laying down and resting for hours on end. Then a lady came in with a big bag filled with toys. Each patient in the room got to choose one, and I pulled out Bumble Bee.

I didn’t realise the story behind it until one of the nurses told me that Campbell makes bears for sick children in hospital. It touched my heart so much and made me immensely happy, even smile for what felt like the first time in weeks.

Bumble Bee stayed with me for the rest of my 5 week admission, and has been by my side for my other 3 admissions to beat my eating disorder. She stays in my room by my bed at home now, and I think she’s almost like a little guardian angel to me.

I’m now well on the road to recovery, and I can’t thank people like Campbell enough for making me realise that there is hope, and there are people out there who care. His kindness has brought happiness to me, and many others. I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you.