Clare Bear


Bear Recipient: Clare Ryan

My daughter Clare (15) was rushed to hospital back in April 2017 with emergency appendicitis.

Being a part of this amazing P365 family, Campbell saw my post about Clare being unwell.

Campbell being Campbell got onto making Clare a bear.

When Clare Bear arrived she was completely overwhelmed. She knows all about the P365 family and felt that she wasn’t sick enough to receive one of these amazing bears.

I sat her down and explained that they come to you for a reason and are filled with love and magic. She cried and cried.

Actually we both cried!

As a family we continue to support this amazing P365 family to ensure Campbell fulfills his wishes.

Our home is blessed to have a Campbell bear. He sits besides Clare’s bed and watches over her at nighttime.

Thankyou for coming into our lives, we love you all dearly ❤️❤️