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Meet Cure.

Cure is a VERY special bear, and one we’re hoping you’ll help live up to his name.

In an effort to bring us closer to a cure for cancer, we’re aiming to fund two PHD Research Scholarships: one at the ONJ Research Centre and one at Hobart Research Centre in Menzies.

To help raise the awareness we need to get us there, we’re attempting to beat the world record for "World’s Most Expensive Bear" (currently set at $182,000 USD for a bear auctioned by Christies in the year 2000), and we need your help.

Rather than auctioning Cure, Campbell would like people to “chip in”; to contribute together to raise research funds in excess of the current record.

Every contributor will receive a certificate of participation from Campbell and your name will be included in Cure’s story.

After all funds are raised, Cure will be donated to the ONJ Wellness Centre. He will sit in a display case atop a wooden plinth with all the names of the contributors engraved on it, where Wellness Centre patients can read all about his story and the people who helped him get there.

We’re aiming to smash this record on the 24th November, with a final auction at the P365 Gala Dinner in Melbourne. At the start of the dinner, Campbell and Cure will land via helicopter on the oval. Cure will make a grand entrance and an auction will be held for people to bid on the final name spot on the base, with the aim of delivering the bear to the Wellness Centre on the 25th.

Can you help us beat cancer by beating this world record? Contribute below!